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Farmingdale, NY -- November 27, 2012 / AWWT Launches On-Site Recycled Water Treatment Units; Hurricane Sandy Contamination Response. Patented Technology Uses Electricity Not Chemicals to Treat Wastewater

Advanced Waste & Water Technology, Inc. (AWWT), a testing and wastewater treatment firm has launched a Hurricane Sandy Emergency Response initiative to immediately assist with contaminated water cleanup efforts in the Tri-State area due to Hurricane Sandy. AWWT's Hurricane Sandy Emergency Response initiative features ElectroCleanseâ„¢, a patented and proven green technology developed for commercial and industrial use that provides an on-site closed-loop process to treat and recycle wastewater without chemicals. The on-site treatment systems are scalable to meet volume demands and remove volatile and non-volatile pollutants such as petroleum, diesel, kerosene, chemicals, sewage and saltwater, among others. "The devastation of Hurricane Sandy continues to impact our communities in the Tri-State area," said Patricia Els, President of Advanced Waste & Water Technology. "Our on-site system eliminates the need for municipalities to temporarily store this contaminated water," continued Els. "We treat it at or close to its collection point to expedite cleanup and reduce the chance of further contamination." AWWT's solutions utilize electrocoagulation technology, a process that has been successfully used in the United States for decades in Texas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and California with nearly 99% effectiveness to treat water used in mining, municipal waste systems, oil fields and the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas. About Advanced Waste & Water Technology, Inc. Advanced Waste &Water Technology is a water treatment and waste management company based in Farmingdale, New York. The firm specializes in the removal of chemical and liquid waste, water and waste treatment options and disposal services. AWWT uses innovative technologies, such as electrocoagulation to clean polluted water without the use of chemicals. Through an affiliate company, AWWT has five (5) patents and two (2) patents pending on electrocoagulation technology. This unique and proven water treatment has the ability to remove harmful bacteria, pollutants, petroleum products as well as suspended solids from water. AWWT is an affiliate of Environmental Quality Services (EQS), an Amincor company and full-service, environmental testing firm that provides testing, analysis and reporting services to Tri-State area engineering firms, consultants and municipalities. To learn more about AWWT and the commercial applications for electrocoagulation technology, visit or

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