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Burlington, Iowa – November 9, 2011 / Baker's Pride, Inc. Names Marvin Miller as Plant Manager of South Street Bakery
Baker's Pride, Inc. Names Marvin Miller as Plant Manager of South Street Bakery

  Baker's Pride, Inc. a commercial bakery and manufacturer of private label and proprietary baked products, today named Marvin Miller as Plant Manager of South Street Bakery, Inc., the newest Baker's Pride company. Mr. Miller reports to James Eagen, Director of Operations at South Street Bakery.       In this role, Mr. Miller will be responsible for product quality, scheduling of production, maintaining ingredient and packaging inventory, and office coordination for the bakery to service the customers of South Street Bakery. Moreover, Mr. Miller will advise the bakery on research and development issues related to new recipes and healthier ingredient options for the full range of traditional and gluten-free cookies, muffins and brownies.     With more than 21 years of experience in the baking industry, Mr. Miller has a seasoned perspective on plant management and creating successful ingredient combinations for products that have included various breads, cookies, pastries, donuts and other specialty items. Prior to this role, Mr. Miller was Production Manager at Clear Lake Specialty Products. "Marvin's ability to manage baking production with creative thinking and accuracy is a great asset to our bakery," said Rob Brookhart, President of Baker's Pride, Inc. "All of us at South Street Bakery welcome his sense of pride and accomplishment in producing high quality, great tasting products for our customers."     About South Street Bakery, Inc. South Street Bakery, Inc., a Baker's Pride, Inc. company, manufactures products for Instore bakery, foodservice, co-packaging and fundraising customers nationwide. Located in Clear Lake, Iowa, the bakery produces a full-range of cookie products including traditional baked cookies and packaged cookie dough, gluten-free packaged cookie dough, muffins and several varieties of brownies including BROWNIE CAKES™. Baker's Pride, Inc., an Amincor company, is a commercial bakery manufacturer for the private label and branded needs of supermarket chains and the food service market. Products include sliced, packaged bread, cake style donuts, gluten-free and traditional cookies, brownies and muffins. Headquartered in Burlington, Iowa, the firm has three entities; South Street Bakery, Inc.; Jefferson Street Bakery, Inc.; and the Mt. Pleasant Street Bakery, Inc. To learn more about Baker's Pride, Inc., and its bakery companies, please visit or  

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